Monday, March 5, 2012

Meatless Monday...

Well it is official I have taken the pledge go go meatless on Mondays.  Meatless Monday is a great idea!  I do not eat much meat  not because I do not like it just because it is better for my over all health.  I am only eating meat every 6 weeks and I found it very easy to eat other items in place of meat. Some may find this idea daunting and crazy but it is very easy.  There is no reason to feel deprived of meat when you can eat a stuffed portabella with a veggie side accompanied by a nice glass of red wine. So why not take the pledge with me,,
and see how easy it is to cut meat out at least once a week. I will help you  along the way with recipes from my cookbook Forkful of Simplicity.

Happy Meatless Monday!  

Bellissimo Bellas
4 Poratabella Mushrooms (cleaned with gills removed) 
4 Large Red Roasted Peppers 
4 Thick Slices of Wet Mozzarella 
Dried Basil
1/4 Cup Organic Chicken Soup 
1/3 Cup Red Wine 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees 
Place mushrooms in a deep glass dish 
Season the inside of each mushroom with salt/pepper 
Place the red pepper inside of mushroom and top with wet mozzarella 
Season mozzarella with a shake or two of dried basil 
Pour soup and wine around mushrooms
Cover with tin foil 
Bake for 30 minutes 
Cool and Enjoy...

Crumbled Asparagus

1 Bunch of Asparagus
Salt / Pepper
Bread Crumbs (plain or seasoned Italian)
Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Rinse and remove tough ends of asparagus
Arrange asparagus, single layer, on an oven proof dish
Season with salt / pepper
Cover asparagus with bread crumbs
Sprinkle with cheese
Drizzle with olive oil
Bake for 20 minutes

***Cook the mushrooms for 10 minutes then add the asparagus to the oven for the remaining 20 minutes and dinner will be hot and ready at the same time***

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