Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creepy Ingredients...

Creepy is one of my favorite words - look at your creepy cousin, creepy people, stop being a creep, the creeper, you get my point.  The only time I do not use creepy is when I describe the ingredients of my recipes.

I say this because yesterday I stumbled upon an article listing the 8 creepy mystery ingredients in fast food.  I know you cannot believe you read on the Internet but this article mentioned duck feathers, sand, wood (cellulose), silly putty and other unmentionables as mystery ingredients of their food.  My mysterious and secretive list of ingredients include homemade bread crumbs and chicken soup. Fresh and wholesome is what I would like to be know for not saturated fat and soil fertilizer.

Just because I choose to make my own soup, salad dressing, stocks, bread crumbs, etc. does not mean everyone has to do that same.  Just because I choose to eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains does not mean everyone has to eat these foods along with me.  Just because I choose to cook my meals at home from the best ingredients I can find and take my vitamins - I am often referred to as the vitamin queen - does not mean that everyone has to follow my lead.   Just because I choose to eat fresh as opposed to fast food does not mean you have to make the same choice but try making the swap once and while.  It is just as easy to to prepare something from Forkful of Simplicity Cookbook as it is to grab something not so healthy.

So I challenge you to freshen it up with a recipe selection from Forkful of Simplicity, there is no meat goop paste in any of my recipes - I promise.  For a fraction of the cost of a fast food burger and about 40 minutes of your time (this includes going to the supermarket to gather the ingredients if you do not have them  already) you can indulge in this delicious, easy, easy pasta dinner!  Enjoy...

Nana's Favorite Pasta and Garlic (Aglio e Olio)
Pasta (your choice) - I prefer Spaghetti
Fresh Garlic, chopped fine (depending on your taste 5-6 cloves per pound of pasta)
Salt / Pepper
1/2 Cup Olive Oil

Cook pasta according to directions
While pasta water is boiling heat olive oil over medium heat
Season oil with salt and pepper
Add garlic to oil and cook
Once garlic is hot and sizzling (about 3-4 minutes)
Remove from heat immediately taking care not to burn the garlic
Drain pasta
Toss pasta with olive oil and garlic
Top with grated cheese
Serve alongside a tossed salad

Simple Salad
Romaine Lettuce (cleaned and chopped)
1 Medium Tomato (diced)
1/2 Cucumber (diced)

Place lettuce in a bowl
Season with salt/pepper
Add tomato and cucumber
Toss with desired amount of simple dressing

Simple Dressing

1/2 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 Tablespoon of Dried Basil

In a small bowl whisk all ingredients together
Use as desired
Store unused portion, covered, in refrigerator for a few days

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Anonymous said...

I think your recipes are clean and delicous and that is how they should be....we don't need to wonder or guess with uncertainty, whats in this???? We know its the best healthist ingredients and that my friend, is what it is all about!!!!