Thursday, March 29, 2012

Market Day Thursday...

With Monday being Wash Day, Iron day on Tuesday and Sewing Day on Wednesday we have to find time for the market right and what better day than Thursday.  So here is the list to take with you to the supermarket for tonight's dinner so you do not forget anything:

1.  Precooked Smithfield Pork Chops 
2.  4 Golden Delicious Apples (2 for the recipe and 2 for snacking) 
3.  Onions (if you need them)
4.  Veggie of your choice 
5.  Rice or potato  
6.  A good magazine 
7.  A small, tasty dessert for sharing 

With very little preparation this is the perfect meal to make before cleaning day Friday!  Enjoy...

Sweet and Savory Pork
4 Precooked Pork Chops (Smithfield)
2 Apples (seeded and diced)
Medium Onion (diced)
Olive Oil
Salt / Pepper

In a large skillet coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil
Heat pan on medium heat and add onions
Season with salt / pepper
Cook onions until translucent
Add apples and cook for 6-8 minutes
Add pork chops to pan underneath the apple onion mixture
Reduce heat, cover pan and cook till pork is warmed through about 10 -12 minutes

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