Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookbooks For Greyhounds...

That is correct Cookbooks for Greyhounds...
Greyhound Friends of New Jersey in an organization that I hold near and dear to my heart
I have rescued, from Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, three of the most 
beautiful, precious, wonderful, lovable greyhounds
-Walker, Franny & Gracie-
Greyhound Friends of New Jersey selflessly rescues greyhounds from the dreadful environment of the track once they have been deemed "retired" and treats them as the gifts that they are.  
The rescued greyhounds often need medical attention, grooming, shelter, food and loads and loads of love before they can be placed in their forever homes.
In an effort to help raise money for Greyhound Friends of New Jersey I have decided that with each cookbook sale I will donate a portion of the proceeds to Greyhound Friends.
We have joined efforts and Greyhound Friends has linked my website to their main website
Scroll all of the way down to the bottom and look for us on the left side.
While you are there take a look at the greyhounds available for adoption.
Having a greyhound is so amazing - trust me you will fall in love!  
If you have any questions about greyhound rescue or would like to adopt a greyhound please contact me or visit http://www.greyhoundfriendsnj.org for more information

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